EDI Live: Update & Reference photo

EDI Live: Update & Reference photo

Hi friends! I'm looking forward to seeing you today. Two things:

1) I had a personal thing come up so I won't be on 10 min early today, but I will be there and ready to start and noon!

2) I'm going to continue working with the Zorn palette and work on self-portraits/portraits. If you'd like to paint along, some things you might like to have on hand are: a photo of yourself/a part of yourself (ideally one with light coming from an angle, so part is lit up and part is in shadow) and then some paints similar to the Zorn palette: A bright, fire-engine red, a yellow ochre or other earthy yellow, a black and white.

If you'd like to practice on a portrait of me and follow along during the class, here's a reference photo I will be using and version with some notes, which I will explain when we meet.

In case you need it, here's the link again: